*Breaking the rules is a serious offense to this wiki. Doing so can get you blocked or banned. Please refrain from doing so. No exceptions to anyone whatsoever.*

1. No Spamming (Comments, others)

•Spamming is posting messages or things that is not related to topic, and it is something that one does continuously. •Spamming is also considered pressing random buttons anyhow.                                             

•Please refrain from doing so as this website may lag due to it. Punishment is a warning. If warning was sent 8 times, you will get blocked or banned permanently.

2. No Makings Of Unnecessary Pages

•Also another form of spamming, therefore punishment is similar.

•If you make any pages which is no help to anyone but to your own entertainment, you will immediately be blocked, but not permanently. Repeat 6-8 times and you will get blocked forever.

3. No Cyber Bullying

**Punishment will be very strict about this rule.**

•The punishment for this rule will be very strict. The Founder, Administrators, Thread Moderators, Disscussion Moderators and other staff will be on the lookout and will check the recent activity oftenly.

•Saying mean words, threatening, gossiping are counted as cyber bullying.

•If repeatedly continues, punishment is to be blocked immediately, no warnings will be posted.

4. No Cursing 

**Punishment will be very strict about this rule.**

•No cursing and using foul language towards each other. Children under the age of 13 may be using this wiki.

•Punishment will be immediate. Culprit will be blocked and profile page belonging to him or her will be locked and cannot be edited permanently.

•Words allowed are crap, lmao, ass, frick, freaking, bull crap, damn, piss and shiz.

•Words not allowed are f**k, b*tch, s*x, bull sh*t, sh*t, d*ck, p*nis, vag*na, ho*, ho*bag and others. 

5. No Making Edits To Someone Else's profile Page

•Someone may have a beautiful artwork posted for e.g, and you replace it with a random picture. That will be very rude and just by this small thing, it can cause arguments and hurtful words to be said. •Even if it is just a small spelling error, just inform the user on the messaging wall. 

6. No Posting PG13+ Content

Punishment will be permanent ban.

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