What you are probably thinking is... "Huh? Bruh you serious?" Yes, I am. If you want to quit AJ, it's your choice. Though think of the good times you had. Your friends will be sad. They are your buddies for reasons. 

Still want to quit?


1. Inform your friends first!

Tell your friends that you are quitting. If you are member, jag every one of your friends offline and online. Gift them some of your stuff if you like. It would be good if you visited them once in a while on AJ. If you are, inform them :)

2. Jag AJHQ if their mailbox isn't full, or if they are accepting Jam-A-Grams 

Jag AJHQ. Tell them that you are quitting. You will either receive a reply the next day or nothing. Tell them sorry after your message. After all, you are quitting the game they created.

3. Tell your enemies

You probably hate your enemies, right? Well, tell them too. Your wondering probably, "Why?!?!" Because they may have changed. They may have retired doing the bad action. Every one has a little good in them. Just give it a chance. Trust me :) Just tell them that you are quitting and to remind them to stop scamming/hacking/being annoying, etc. 

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