Bored on AJ? Same... it happens very often to people, and it's normal. Here are some suggestions I put up myself to avoid getting bored :) 

-Host a yard sale

-Host a fashion show

-Host a minigame tournament 

-Go to a party 

-Do some adventures

-Trade if you would like to

-Attend a fashion show 

-If you're a member, try buying something from other members' shops

-Attend a yard sale

-Host an auction (if you don't know what it is there's a page about it)

-Play some games 

-Decorate your den for upcoming holidays/seasons/festivals, etc.

-Look for secret shops

-Look for secret areas

-Visit a famous Jammer's den

-Donate items to New Jammers

-Donate items to Jammers who are doing a challenge

-Think what you'll do tomorrow if you're playing, and prepare

-Check what your buddies are doing 

-Start a fight (drama lol) 

-Hang out with your buddies 

-Look at art 

-Make art 

-Enter codes that you find on the Animal Jam Wiki

Good luck on NOT getting bored! :D 

(Check out bepper's YouTube channel, she did 2 videos on how to NOT get bored on AJ :3) 

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