You hardly see people hosting auctions, i'm guessing. Before i say how to host one,

- What is an Auction?

An auction is basically betting money for an item, and of course, best bet wins. This is nothing similar to a giveaway, and the bst part is... THERE IS NO TRUST!!! So if someone decides to frame you for scamming, ignore them. In Animal Jam, you will be betting items, no money is involved. •After the bet, winner will trade their bet for the item •

- Back to Explaining How

So some people don't really know about auctions. But if you know what it means now, you might get an idea how this is gonna go. 

1.First of all... Prepare Some Seats (Optional)

Being nice to your guess is a habit you need to have. Prepare Some Seats for them :) it can be any design, they don't really mind most of the time. Most people request to do it outside, so that one is your choice. Up to you.

2.Prepare Your Items

So you are gonna wanna go to a crowded place, I recommend Jamaa Township. But before that, do you already know what they will be betting on? Go to your inventory and pick any item, if you have tons of den betas, my advice is you should use 2-3, because sometimes people trade short wrists for them. For clothing items, worns? Clothing betas? Or anything you think people would want. After all, it's your auction =) 

3.'Advertise' Your Auction 

Alright! Time to advertise! Say something similar to this:

"Auction my den! List! No trust and not giveaway. Have a nice day!" 

Keep repeating unti! have minimum 1-5 or maximum 10+ people. 


People will ask if it is a giveaway even though you said it isn't sometimes. Tell them no and move on to the rules. You will have to create your rules on the spot if you didn't think it through it just not have any. So, they will either offer or say their bets for a certain item. You will have to say who is winning so everyone keeps track. So each round different item, the amount of rounds is depending on the amount on items. If everyone says they wanna leave because someone got the only item they want or they got what they wanted, that's good news! That means you can do another one of you like. 

Good luck! :)

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