How To Get RareEdit

• This method does not work all the time. If you are member, you have higher chances as members have access to the The Forgotten Desert Adventure •

Step 1:

Create a new account. 

Step 2:

Buy some seasonal trees, as they are only In stores for new jammers.

Step 3:

Put them on trade and go to a crowded  area. Say "seasonal Trees On Trade! Trade Me 3-4 Rares As Not In Stores!" Make sure you get 5-7 rares after trading.

Step 4:

Put 2-3 rares on trade and say, "list for snow items? Jam-A-Gram if Interested!" or add more rares/ ask for candy cane socks. Once you have 1, put on trade and say, "list For Cb? Jag If Interested!" Keep repeating until you have a few. ! Don't accept feathered Masks, Designer Skirts Or Any Fakes ! 

Step 5:

Put all of your Clothing Betas (cb) on trade and say, "2 Things Off My List For A Den Beta? Jag If Interested!" This Will Take A While... people usually trade them for spikes. ! Don't Accept Girrafe Statues, Plants Or Fakes ! 

Step 6:

People accept den betas for spikes, So what you're gonna wanna do is look up how much each short wrist is worth. Put 2 on your list and say, "list For Decent-Good Short Wrist? Jag If Interested!" ! Don't Accept Diamond Wrists ! Keep repeating until have 2/more.

Step 7:

Trade them for long wrists. Repeat unless have 3/more long wrists. 

Step 8:

Trade Them For Short Collars and long collars.

Bonus!!!!! Tip- If your parents allow, go buy the animal jam boxes! They give codes for spikes, alpha swords, magenta rare seals and more!

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