Hello people :) so this page is about how to get people to trade you, and I will just be demonstrating some phrases that might help. 

First, Put Some of Your Best Items On Trade before Saying 

Put some of your best items on trade first before you say anything. some people really are looking for good items or their dream items, and you may have it. You may also get a trade when you are typing out "Trade me". 

 Bonus: Tell People What You Want

Tell people what to trade you, so that it will be a bit easier for people as they know the item you're looking for and that you may not want the items they have and are willing to offer. 

Also while doing this method, if you put on something worth one den beta, e.g, a member flower crown, and say to trade you two den betas then you would most likely get offers. People know that if they trade you two, then they will be over. 

Phrases Which Are Common

Even though the phrases stated below are common, they might still work! You never know.

1. "Goodies ft"

This phrase is used commonly, but not very. This phrase works perfectly for spikes or den betas, head feathers, sheep cloaks, peacock feathers and so on. 

2. "Trade me"

This is the most common phrase! I'm sure you probably seen people saying thia, right? Well this works about 60-80 percent in some people's opinion, aka my buddies (Whatboutno is referred as me).

3. "Trade me! ..... And more on trade! "

..... stands for something something, like for example den betas. So "Trade me! Den betas and more on trade!" 

4. "Trade me be fair"

This phrase an obvious meaning: telling people to just trade fairly. Many people are very angry at new jammers for always spam trading and begging or trading bad items such as necklaces or rims. But some don't do that. 

People who uses this phrase sometimes decline a fair trade. I wouldn't advice saying this as some gets angry at you declining their fair trade and they say, "It's fair!" Or something like that. You don't really tell people What exactly you want by saying this. People who uses this phrase sometimes doesn't say, "nty" or to change anything. 

Some Not Too Common

"Trade me or I'll eat your tacos"

I have seen a pig saying this, and people play along with the funny joke :) hey say, "NOT me TACOOO" or something like that. 

"Trade me :3 please? Ik I don't by much :')"

this phrase is telling people that you don't have much on your trade list and that you are just getting the hang of being rare. 

"Trade me! Looking for slight over (optional)"

this one is telling people that you are looking for an overtrade, but they don't have to if they don't want to. It's optional! 


Some people make the masterpiece art in trade and it says the rules for when you want to offer fr them. Most of the time it's not for trade, and if you offer for it then high chance they will decline too. 

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