So this so called "episode" of How to Do an Experiment will be about "Rares Over Friends". Now for those of you who have heard this thing before but don't really know what it means, it's basically asking someone, 

" Would you rather have a spike or be my friend? "

I have seen videos of this, and most youtubers use their main account. I think they should either use a new jammer account or just a spare. Why? Because many people judge by one's look, aka their appearance. And if you use a new jammer account, they will see your nametag and think, That person is probably not rare and she or he is a noob. No one says to be their buddy on AJ these nowadays lol

These are just my thoughts, and you know yourself some opinion from a stalker may not be correct :')

How to Do One

1) So go on your spare or make a new account. 

2) Make your animal look new, just use some store items to dress up! If you have not enough money, it's fine! Just wear random clothing that's worth close to some rims.

3)  Go to a crowded server (or Jamaa Township) and go to a random person who is moving or saying something. You only want to go to those people's dens because some of them may be 

A way

F rom

K eyboard, 

(aka afk) and you will end up wasting your time. 

4) When they arrive, ask them if they would either want to be your buddy or receive rares from "someone" you know. If they ask what's the user of "someone" then they are rare-a-holic. They are too addicted to rares!

If they say, yes they want to be your buddy and not receive a rare then they are a good person and doesn't care about some pixels in a kids game. 

Remember -

Rares are nothing and they do not benefit you in any way, it only makes you happy. So for the people who loves rares, once you are rare, that's is your able to afford long collars and all, what are you going to do? 

I mean, you got what you wanted. It's like you "finished" the game

What's next? :')

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