So this page will be about the experiment, “Beggar Bully”. Basically you are going to create a new jammer account and get your main too. Go to Jamaa Township or any place popular for trading. Say that you have a spike on trade and to trade you. Make the new jammer account trade you and your main will have to decline. Remember to apologise to the other account :) Here is an example: “Sorry! Add to your trade?” “Why can’t you give it? Pls?” “Sorry but I worked hard for this spike :(“ “OMG why can’t you give it?! Why can’t I hv it?!! Pls pls pls” “Aaaa I’m sorry!” “You should be! You did wrong, just hand it over!!”

Something similar. The aim of the experiment is to see what are people’s reaction. I think they would either: -Do nothing -Say drama and walk away, or either say drama and get involved -Defend your main -Defend your spare -Overlaps your speech bubble and say something like to trade them -Just watch from afar -Offers for your spike (doesn’t really have to be spike actually)

Or maybe more :D Good luck!

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