So this experiment will be about "Suicidal Issue". Basically you ask someone if they want your account and say that you will end yourself, aka committing suicide. If they say yes that means they don't care about your life and wants rares more.

If they say no and tell you not to then they really care about you, and you won't be surprised to find your buddy saying it :)

Since you can't say the word kill on Animal Jam, just say you are ending yourself, or that you want to do it. Say that if they accept your request then it will be happening e.g, tonight.

- A Cool Way To Bust Them

Tell them that the password to your account (since you can't say password say past) is "thanks a lot for not caring about me," or something like that. I don't know, up to you. If they try and don't get it then they are clearly not educated :l

Anyway, whatever happens to you in life, if you are angry at someone, don't kill yourself because of it. Or any matter in this case. Think positively. Think about the people who love you :)

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