So the social experiment of this page is "Would You Scam a New Jammer If You Had The Chance To". So basically, you may want to use your spare for this or create a new account. If you have any clothing betas, den betas, spike wrist or even collars, they all work for this. But clothing betas are not usually wanted sometimes so den betas and so on are recommended.

Transfer the item(s) the the account and out the item on trade. go to Jamaa Township and go to someone's den. Look at what they are wearing or what is on their trade list. The item has to be worth less then your item. Say that you like it and your list for it and ask them if it is fair. 

If they say yes, they are scamming you and lying.

If they say no, they are truthful in words.

Remember to always look up what your item is worth before trading!

Credit: YouTube

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