Hey, so basically you may have seen people with depression or being sad, saying sigh and all that, so this page will tell you the bright side of your problems. Here are some you may have:

Getting Scammed, Though I'm Rare NowEdit

think about it this way: without you being scammed, you would never have become rare. Just think that it is your fate. It could have become much worst. Try not to think so much about it. On the bright side, you got rare! Congrats, my friend :) 

I Got HackedEdit

That doesn't stop you from playing AJ, right? If it did, you are like some youtubers... They get hacked and they say they are quitting. No, don't be influenced by the way they took care of their problem. That's just running way from it. Just get back up on you feet, create a new account if you wish, look up on the internet how to get rare (there's a page about it on this wiki) and trade with others! :) Inform your buddies, too! they may help!

I Am Being BulliedEdit

Heheh, ohhhhhh boy. I know this one ;) most likely your bully is not your friend, right? Not your buddy on AJ? YEah, so if they come to your den or they bump into you, get out of the place they are in! Or you can just simply send AJHQ a gmail saying the user and what they did to you that made you sad. Just block and report. And check out this link:  


If you have none of these, comment your problem and I'll proceed to help :D or if you have any thought of any problems you know how to fix, edit the page!


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